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When I used the Mooka Shea butter for the first time, I could never have imagined I would love it this much. I always have allergic reactions when I use skin products, but this works like a medicine for me. It’s my favourite product for daily use.

Kim (18), The Netherlands


I absolutely love the 100% Shea Butter! I put it on my face before bed and my skin feels really nice and hydrated the next morning. Two thumbs up!

Rossanna (39), Malaysia


I love using Mooka oil. It not only smells nice but it’s also very good for my skin. My skin is a little bit dry and my knees and ankles are too dry. Before going to bed, I put this oil on these parts and it turns out to be very effective as they don’t feel dry anymore. I also love using it for my shoulders, it makes me relax.

Nana (43), Japan


Kanam was gifted to me some time ago. As an unfortunate owner of a very dry skin and a frequent user of natural products, I knew the benefits of Shea butter. I never encountered a product that I was fully satisfied with though. Most products do contain some preservatives or additives. Not the Karitree line. To my surprise the Kanam body butter is quickly absorbed by my skin and leaves it deeply moisturized for hours on end, without feeling greasy. I use it literally from top to toe, and I massage my feet an extra time before going to bed which makes them softer than they have been in a long time. Almost as important I find the smell: a bit too fragrant as a facial cream (which it shouldn't be used for in the first place but I like the structure that much!), but wonderful and lingering for a long time when used as a body butter. Conclusion: I couldn't be happier and will certainly order when the products will be available online.

Petroesjka (43), Netherlands


I enjoy using Karitree products as they have been produced with care and attention to detail. The different scents available are wonderful and there’s a scent to suit everyone. It has left my skin feeling silky soft and I regularly get comments about the scents I use. A great product.

Diana (56), Netherlands


Once you are over 60, how you feel is more important than how you look! "Seeing" the difference is secondary, but "feeling" the difference is what counts. My skin feels healed, pampered and rejuvenated. It absorbs slowly into my skin and makes it feel more hydrated and leaves a nice shine to it.

Rita (64), Belgium